SEP 2011 PDM "Using Your Transportation Management as a Differentiator … Your Responsibilities and Your Provider's Obligations."

General Information

Start Date Sep 14 2011 - 5:30pm
End Date Sep 14 2011 - 8:30pm
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Event Description

  • PRESENTATION SUMMARY Chris will discuss the importance of Transportation Management to your business and how you can leverage that as a differentiator (and make money) for your company.  Participants will learn:
      <1.    Approach to Transportation Management
        <2.     Planning for success
          <3.     Provider Relationship Management. 
        • Christopher L. Hills is a life-long leader, businessman and logistician having worked in his first warehouse over 25 years ago.  He earned a BA in Business Administration from Grove City College and a MS in Management and Organizational Behavior from Silver Lake College.  >
          • Hills led soldiers as an US Army paratrooper and logistician in four combat zones as well as numerous other real world and training missions.  He managed purchasing, warehousing and distribution functions for many products and services including:  food & water, petroleum products, general supplies and equipment as well as water purification, laundry & bath and mortuary affairs functions.  >
            • Hills went on to work in various leadership and management positions for Schneider National Inc. including:  Distribution Center Manager and later Operating Center Services Manager in charge of their largest facility in Akron Ohio.  He subsequently worked in various capacities at FedEx Supply Chain Services culminating as Senior Manager of Procurement and Services.  Most recently, Hills started his own consulting firm and affiliated it with a decade’s old consortium where he holds dual responsibility as President of CLH Logistics, LLC and Vice President of Transportation & Logistics at RAM Supply Chain.   
              • Christopher Hills raises sheep on a small farm in Ohio, where he recently celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary and has three children in various stages of college and career.